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Solar Thermal Farming Shows Promise in Growing Marijuana

By Stoned Writers

Solar Thermal Farming with the new Solar Thermal Bucket by ABC Solar is working like a champ!

The basic premise is the heat the soil to allow:

  • Cloning Marijuana Outdoors any time of year
  • Growing from seed anytime of year
  • Keeping Plant comfy anytime of year
  • The thought is by planting in winter the maturity is happening before the bugs that eat buds are around.

    Some interesting things happen though. (other video)

    This video is focused on the Solar Thermal Bucket and the bigger cousin the Solar Fire Drum. Each unit is features an AC or DC powered pump to pull heat from a hot tub and circulate via tubes in the soil and back to the hot tub.

    The Solar Hot Tub Kit by ABC Solar has been heating hot tubs off of the grid for almost 20 years. This year we expanded the capability of the Solar Hot Tub Kit by incorporating 80 to 120 Gallons of Solar Storage. The new system uses 80 square feet of glazed flat-plate solar thermal collectors to a glycol filled solar pumping station.

    ABC Solar has designed a new Solar Hot Tub Heat Exchange system that grabs the very hot stored heated water (up to 180f) and heats the heck out of the hot tub.

    The Solar Thermal Bucket is a single pump system that taps the Hot Tub water to heat soil for Solar Thermal Farming.

    In the video we will see three 5-gallon Buckets with two Solar Thermal Kits and one AC Powered Thermal Kit. Also our 50-Gallon Solar Thermal Drum is for growing Monster Mamma Marijuana plants from clones. Enjoy the learning in real-time-experience. Wil the right cuttings turn into the best clones? Some of the clones were already "budding" so those clones are starting to sprout new leaf growth from the buds. The clones that were chosen "correctly" seem to become established in the soil easier and look healthier. If I was having more fun I would pull out my Banjo and put this free music out of its misery. But, alas, the music of free is provided by (so, go mute and put on some rock-n-roll!)

    The act of cloning has these steps (as I know of now.)

    1. find a growing cutting from Monster Mamma (Palos Verdes Blue Indica)

    2. Snip and immediately place in fish pond water. (Solar Fish Pond...)

    3. Trim off a good amount of water leaves so energy is focused on growing new roots.

    4. Using sharp razor, slice about 1.5 inches of the stem at a 45 degree angle. Also use the razer to slice vertically along that part of the stem to promote root growth. (an escape route for roots.)

    5. Of course you have prepped your new Solar Thermal Bucket.

    a. drills holes in bottom of bucket. (fill and watch drain. if any water sticks around drill again.)

    b. put a thin layer of rocks first.

    c. put the heat-exchange tube in bucket, add elbows to keep intake and return at top of bucket.

    d. add more rocks and make sure tubes are buried in rocks.

    e. add soil (better soil, better yield.) and push the tubes around the soil.

    f. Add more soil to the top.

    g. Flood the bucket with Solar Fish Pond water.

    h. Flood again.

    i. connect new tube to elbow and at the end put a tee and place in hot tub deep enough to be always under water. The tee helps prevent the tube from getting suction stuck.

    j. connect tube to other elbow and route to pump and back to hot tub.

    6. Put the thermostat about 6 to 10 inches deep and zip-tie to tubes to hold-em-together. Push soil back to level.

    7. Flood again, turn on heat-exchange system and wait overnight.

    8. Now we add Clone Powder or Gel to a 2" hole in the Solar Thermal Bucket.

    9. Our prepared marijuana cutting, that is soaking in Solar Fish Pond water, is dipped into the magic clone powder and then planted in the soil.

    10. Add water around the base of the clone and remember to keep her moist during the next three weeks so the roots never get dry.

    11. Go get high.

    The target Solar Thermal Bucket temperature is 77f.

    The rocks at the base of the bucket are showing real promise as a heat-sink that continues to keep warming the soil. This is especially true of the 50-Gallon Solar Thermal Drum. Three bags of river rock are an amazing storage of heat resource that is making the pump run very little to maintain heat.

    Keep an eye on to see our Bonsai Marijuana Plant and our Solar Thermal Buckets in action.


    Mayumi Takadanobaba


    The Blue Solar Thermal Bucket is prepped for a Marijuana Clone. The Temperature is set at 75f. Tomorrow the cutting will be separated from her mother and start a new life.

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