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By Stoned Writers

You asked, and we answered! After many popular requests, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) is excited to announce the launch of our new searchable database of questions and answers.

The Bureau answers hundreds of great questions daily from inquisitive individuals who wish to better understand the cannabis regulatory structure in California. We scoured our email inbox, call center, and social media responses to find your most common inquiries.

To make this wealth of information available and easily accessible to all, we’ve compiled 100+ of the most common questions and answers into a single searchable database. You may access our new “Your Questions Answered” page here –

You can perform your own search by following these simple steps:

1. Click the search bar which reads: “Search here”

2. Enter a keyword relevant to your question. (For example, typing in the word “ownership” will populate anything to do with ownership in the search field below.)

3. After locating your specific question, simply click on the text of the question. This will expand the box and display the answer. You can further filter your search results by selecting one of the tags located on the left-hand column of the page. By selecting a specific tag, only questions with that tag will be displayed.

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For additional information about our agency, or to subscribe to email alerts to hear about updates as they become available, please visit the Bureau’s website at For information on all three state licensing authorities, please visit the state's California Cannabis Portal at Follow the Bureau on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily news and updates.

Those looking to get in touch with the Bureau of Cannabis Control may contact us directly through email at


The Cannabis Control Bureau Will Grow.

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Top Ten Marijuana Pictures     Marijuana Science   Clones   FAQ   Solar Thermal Farming   Laws and Rules   About IndicaDaily News  


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